Tierra Brava Foodservice Hot Sauce


Hotels, Restaurants, Cruises, Schools, Hospital Cafeterias, Catering operations and more.


Bring your customers the best experience for salsa or hot sauce—traditions of Mexican recipes available for your foodservice business. Comfort your customers with the best salsas in the market, all-natural, no colorants, no preservatives, and even better… 

100% Authentic Mexican food.

Keep the tradition – Viva Mexico!

TIERRA BRAVA 2 Lt. (70 Oz)

2 Lt Foodservice Hot Sauce


Salsa Verde Tomatillo- Serrano 3 kg

TIERRA BRAVA 19 Lt. (642 FL. Oz)



Tierra Brava Hot Sauces are available in two convenient size formats for foodservice. This helps you have control in your kitchen. Maintain the same flavor, quality, consistency, and tradition of an authentic Mexican recipe. Use just the amount you need in recipes or use for portion control delivery to your customers.

Tierra Brava Hot Sauces has been bringing superior tasting gourmet hot sauces and salsas products around the world since 2006. You can get any of the Tierra Brava range products at any of the Foodservice size formats.

At Lempat Foods, we offer as well other Mexican products from our Foodservice division. Our catalog includes precooked corn, sweat sauces, tomato paste ideal for pasta and pizzas, goat milk candy, sweat flavored waters, plain water bottled (labeled as requested), dehydrated beans, and many other products. 

Most of our products are: 

  • 24-30 months shelf life
  • 100% Natural
  • NO Colorants
  • NO preservatives
  • Certified Kosher

You can offer your clients the type of flavor and hotness experience they are looking for and use our Tierra Brava scale heat (1 to 10) to decide which product best fits best.

2-3     Green Habanero

3-4     Guava & Habanero

4-5     Chipotle

7-8     Red Habanero

8-9     Manzano

9-10    Serrano

Private label

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You´ve come to the right place.

We can do private label and export anywhere in the world.

We fully comply with FDA, FSMA, PCQI, ISO22000, NON-GMO standards and are Kosher certified

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