Tierra Brava® Green Habanero Hot Sauce

Our green habanero hot sauce has been conceptualized for being used by everyone spicy lovers or not so that everybody can taste and savor the habanero flavor. This is a hot sauce that, despite being made with one of the hottest peppers in the world, our unique family formula gives a singular flavor with a moderate “kick,” which makes it an ideal condiment sauce to have at your table every day.

Goes perfect with all kinds of fish, seafood, sushi, rice, pizza, salads, and even cocktails with tequila flavor!


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Tierra Brava scale heat is 4 between 1 and 10


Complies with the requirements of Jewish Dietary Laws and are Kosher-Parve.


Considered Gluten-Free according to the definitions set forth by the FDA.


Made completely in Mexico, with ingredients locally sourced and Mexican labor.