Chicken tostadas are a traditional Mexican dish, simple to elaborate without requiring complicated ingredients.

Tostadas are considered a typical Mexican dish (“antojito“), which are based on the hard tortilla. It can be prepared in different ways and that is why it is so popular, there are many options on how to prepare them. Tostadas are served with other ingredients on top depending on the region of the country.

Chicken Tostadas is eaten with the hands. Tostadas (hard or fried tortilla) cannot be broken or eaten with cutlery, it allows you to eat it by hand and it is a real pleasure to eat it like this. If you take time to eat them, and they are watered down by the ingredients you put, especially the salsa, it can break, so we suggest two things: be careful when you take them to your mouth, maybe you can end with your mouth open and with chicken toast, and the second thing be careful not staining yourself!


Tostadas de Pollo

Ingredients: (Makes 4 people, 2 toasts per person)


    1. Cook the chicken breast
    2. Reserve the chicken broth (to be used in another dish)
    3. Let the chicken cool and mince the chicken.
    4. Chop the lettuce and put it to soak in disinfectant water.
    5. Drain and set aside.
    6. Prepare the toast with a bed of beans.
    7. Add a little shredded chicken to each toast,
    8. Add a little cream, add the lettuce.
    9. Slice avocados on each toast.
    10. Sprinkle with fresh cheese
    11. Add Tierra Brava Chipotle Sauce, Homemade Green or Red Salsa.


Consumption suggestion:  Serve with corn tostada.

We suggest that you can enjoy your “Tostadas” with a Mexican beer, or if you prefer a frozen tequila in a short glass.

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